So, I know what you're thinking: oh boy, another token. Big deal. 

However, don't disregard Tachyon just yet. Put Together by two developers who decided to create an accessible currency on the Ethereum network to optimize and accessorize micro-payments. So give them a chance, they put a lot of time into it. And if you actually read this entire announcement, they have some goodies for you near the end of this post (hint: it's an easy airdrop sign-up) Wink Smiley

For elaboration on all of these points please visit and read Tachyon’s whitepaper. 

What is Tachyon?

Tachyon (TYX) is a new token and currency built on the Ethereum blockchain to streamline peer-to-peer micro-transactions with a focus on ease-of-access, fungibility, and everyday usefulness. Consider it an on-the-go token created for instant transfers, mobile payments, embedded tipping on forums, and online purchases. With the Ethereum network rapidly growing, Tachyon hopes to be the light-fuel for the future’s informal digital economy. 

What's a “Tachyon,” Anyway? 

Depending on who you task, tachyons might be a theoretical impossibility or an exciting prospect. Based off the Greek word ‘tachys’ meaning ‘swift,’ tachyons are hypothesized particles faster than the speed-of-light. This may seem impossible according to our current understanding of the natural world. To travel at speeds equal to light, one needs a mass of zero. This means that to travel faster-than-light, the particle would need to have a negative mass.

Is such a concept possible to conceive? For now, tachyonic particles serve more as a placeholder for imaginary concepts within astrophysics, similar to how the variable i denotes an imaginary number in mathematics (as is the case when, for example, one tries to factor the square root of a negative number). However, string theory calculations of particle vibrations has found that the squared mass derived from these vibrations can sometimes yield an imaginary number. We are likely limited now by our available tools of detection.

Regardless of their validity, tachyons have captured the imagination of science-fiction writers and popular culture ever since it was popularized in James Blish’s Star Trek novel Spock Must Die! in 1970. It’s since been seen in Babylon 5, The Watchmen, and many other pop culture references. Science-fiction has often referenced tachyons to send messages, payments, and digital media in an instant – and TYX will be its crypto-embodiment!

What Sets Tachyon Apart? 

Tachyon (TYX) is an ERC-20 token built for the Ethereum network created to facilitate tipping and micro-transactions. However, what sets Tachyon apart from other projects is that it is exclusively a digital currency with an improved strategy of adoption. 

One of the core aspects of Tachyon is accessibility. The goal is to create a Tachyon network to compliment Ethereum: a network of widgets, plug-ins, and payment solutions that is easily integrated into existing forums, chatrooms, marketplaces, and other infrastructural elements of transactions online. 

All of this of the parameters and features of Tachyon are published in the “Features of Tachyon” section of our whitepaper. So please read it if interested as I will spare you a massive block of text here. 

The Tachyon Economy and Airdrop Model

  • Circulating supply will be 299,792,459 which is one more than 299,792,458 m/s, the speed of light in a vacuum.
  • No inflation or coin burn.
  • All coins are minted immediately at creation.
  • Divisible by 18 places.

One of the major decisions during the Tachyon project’s initial draft was to have a host of airdrops instead of an initial coin offering (ICO). A large number of the ICOs held on ETH in the past year have been found to be scams or money-grabs — and, to make matters worse, most ICOs have failed to materialize on their promises. Thus, we are averting the pitfalls of the ICO model by instead distributing TYX via an airdrop campaign straight to your ETH wallet for free.

By not holding an ICO, the valuation of TYX will be determined by the forces of supply and demand on exchanges — therefore, the airdrop allows us to distribute value to as many wallets as possible, thereby preventing TYX from being concentrated in a few trading hands. 

The airdrop strategy is simple: Each airdrop, 5% of the total supply (299,792,459 TYX) will be airdropped to those who signed-up. This 5% will be divided by the number of people who signed up and every person will receive the same amount of TYX, although this is subject to change for the next airdrop. In total, there will be eight airdrops, each distributing 5% of the circulating supply each time. The sign-up for the first airdrop is currently live and will close on August 15th 2018. 

Like what you've read so far? Please sign up for the first airdrop here!

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Hope their txns are also faster than the speed of light

bitcoin me
bitcoin me

It depends on ethereum network

bitcoin me
bitcoin me

Nice project

Tyler Brayden

Just what I needed, Another Token Airdrop – it’s very easy to get some coins from this airdrop. Just fill in your email and wait for a while.

tiep heb
tiep heb

Nice project

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