Scammer’s impersonates the Australian Taxation Office and demands Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency payments from un-suspicious members of the public who handed over more than $50,000 in Bitcoin to scammers for fake tax debts.

In 2017, the ATO received more than 80,000 complaints of fraud, with taxpayers reporting almost $2.4 million dollars lost to scammers claiming to be from the ATO.

“Cryptocurrency operates in a virtual world, and once the scammers receive payment, it’s virtually impossible to get it back,” ATO Assistant Commissioner Kath Anderson told the Herald Sun.

“The ATO won’t ask people to pay in ¬bitcoin or with an iTunes card and if you aren’t sure you can call our scams line.”

While the ATO is concerned about scammers abusing the Cryptocurrency system, Ms Anderson said taxpayers should remain vigilant for other versions of the fake tax debt scam.

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