NISC Revealed That Half Of Businesses Are Interested In Digital Currencies.
Another survey found that the business community is eager to start using Bitcoin to record transactions and reduce reliance on well-established systems.

Research conducted by NISC revealed that 80% of organizations have shown interest in using digital currencies, such as bitcoin, for transactions. Nevertheless, 80% of them were aware of the risk of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, while 26% feared that cryptocurrencies would lead to ransom attacks.

However, 48% of participants believe that using Cryptocurrency in transactions could be a way to generate more revenue through increasing value.
According to the report, 57% of the large companies in Great Britain surveyed sold part of the bitcoin that was accumulated during the December period of last year when the prices of the digital currency skyrocketed. In the process, they obtained satisfactory profits.

Since then the prices of cryptos have dipped but their recent resurgence has been made in a sale, since 38% of those companies indicate their intention to sell at new highs. But, 5% said they had no intention of selling their Bitcoins.

Because of the security threat, 52% of the large companies in Britain surveyed used specific security measures, 36% had off-line / cold storage, another 36% stored their digital assets in multiple wallets.
Many though are quick to point out that people represent their weakest link in the chain of security and 18% did indicate a real worry of losing their digital treasure from insider theft.

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