IOTA: One of the Most Growing Coin and Heavily Criticized
IOTA is one of the most growing cryptocoins, but one of the most heavily criticized. Maybe that’s because IOTA promises a lot and many things differently than others. This mistrust arouses.

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Those who deal with cryptocurrency are realizing that developers have certainly thought about it. But maybe not as much as IOTA fans sometimes hope.
IOTA is currently one of the hardest topics to write about as a crypto blogger. Not only because it’s extremely complex, and you actually need a lot of prior knowledge to write properly. But also, it quickly becomes poisonous.

This is how an IOTA blogger described it today: “We decided to start an anti misinformation report that comes out daily if possible. A group of people is willing to help me with that. The reports will include time stamps, tweets, sources, names of the “attackers” and the FUD explained and corrected.” While this approach might intimidate some, it cannot silence everyone in an ecosystem fraught with scams where fair judgment is needed.

Finally, IOTA uses a ternary system rather than a binary system. The developers are convinced that it is necessary and correct, but many doubt it about the current software infrastructure relies on Binary systems. You do not need to simplify your life with a ternary system.
To summarize, IOTA wants to impose a lot of transactions on complete nodes, by multiplying by ten the size of the transactions, the goal deprives the nodes of its rewards.

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