First of all, you need to go to the Jaxx Official Website:

Click > Download Now or Download.

Jaxx Blockchain Wallet

You Jaxx supports eight popular platforms! Since we will be explaining the desktop version, please select the platform that corresponds to your desktop.

Jaxx Blockchain Wallet

Once the file is downloaded we need to extract it. To do that, right click and select > Extract To.

Jaxx Desktop Wallet

Once the wallet is extracted, open the extracted folder and double-click the Jaxx.exe

Jaxx Desktop Wallet

Once we open the wallet, a notification window would pop up; Click > Continue.

However, make sure you accept the Terms of Services.

Once we’ve done that, Select > Create New Wallet and click > Continue.


We will have 2 options to set up your wallet:


Make sure you Click > Custom then Click > Continue.

Since we are using a multi wallet, you will have the option to customize your wallets. You can always go back to the settings to remove or add more wallets.

Once you have selected your wallets, Click > Continue.

There are multiple currencies to choose depending on your country of residence; I would use USD. If you want to pick USD, scroll all the way to the bottom, select USD then Click > Continue. Please note that you can select more than one (1) currency; which is entirely optional.

In the next step the wallet will ask us to backup, make sure you Select > Yes, I understand how Jaxx backup works and Click > Continue.

Make sure you write down the 12-word backup phrase and keep it somewhere SAFE. Remember to write them in the correct order and double check if everything is okay then Click > Next.

On the next window, we need to confirm the 12-word backup phrase, type in these backup phrases in the box where it says Confirm your 12-word backup phrase and Click > Next.

Once we are done with that, we need to setup our PIN. On the next window, it will ask, “Would you like to set up a security PIN?”

Select > Yes, I understand how Jaxx security PIN works and Click > Continue.

Why is security PIN important?

Adding a PIN allows you to further secure your wallet. This PIN will be required when you are sending funds or accessing your pairing/Backup phrase.

Make sure you set a PIN number and Click > Continue, it will ask you again to verify the PIN, do that and Click > Continue.

Verify your pin and Click > Continue.

Wait a few moments until the wallet is completely set up so we can proceed. Once it’s done, the wallet will automatically move on to your Jaxx dashboard.

Jaxx Desktop Wallet

Sending Coins

To send coins: Select from the top which coin you want to send.

In this example, we will go with default (Bitcoin). If you want to send any other coin, make sure you use the left and right arrows to scroll through all the coins that are supported by the wallet.

The menu will expand where it will ask us to enter the Receiving address and Amount we want to send.

When you are ready Click > Send.

Jaxx Desktop Wallet


Receive Coins

To receive coins click on the left button Receive. After clicking Receive, the button will expand and you will have 2 options; To either type the amount of coins you want to receive then click Generate button, or just copy paste the address and send it to your friend. However, in both cases, you need to copy your own address.

To copy the address you have to click on the small icon next to the BTC address.

Jaxx Desktop Wallet


Transaction History

To keep track of the transactions, on the right side they will automatically show up once you send or receive coins.

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