Are you an investor, a businessman, Civil servant, job applicant or student looking to make extra income or looking for how to make money full time,investing in platform that is more profitable than any other investment you can thing of right now this post is for you.
You don’t need to be an expert to make money from the industry, even the foolish Joe makes money from the industry and the smart and intelligent Joseph also profit from the industry. All you need to have is;
1-Knowledge on how to operate the internet
2-A smart phone or laptop and
3- A little knowledge on how the industry works.


The Industry

The block chain industry otherwise known as blockchain technology (Click here to read about blockchain ) is a new kind of technology sweeping across the globe like a bush fire. Most of the world unsolved problems finds it solution in the blockchain technology. This technology can be used to monitor industrial processes seamlessly or leveraged on to build a open financial system were everyone has access to information and equally control their financial destiny.
The blockchain technology is predicted to be bigger than the internet in the coming years and has made more young billionaires and millionaires (see blockchain millionaires here) in a short space of time than the internet has made.

Blockchain Assets

The blockchain technology allows companies and organization to build product that enhances decentralization of their networks thereby given it uses the autonomy to control how they do transaction and control resources without any interaction from the government or any other body.
Some of the foremost assets that has been built on this technology are called cryptocurrencies.(read what cryptocurrency is Here ) with Bitcoin (read more about bitcoin here)being the pioneer. Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency (also called digital money or gold) was launched in 2009 after the 2008 world financial crises aimed decentralizing the financial system ( i.e. removing government out of the control of money).It is predicted to replace the dollar in terms of transacting globally.
Bitcoin , since it launch has gain more adoption and backings from world famous billionaires (see billionaires backing bitcoin ) Thereby increasing it value as an asset drastically from $0 per bitcoin to $7,914 per bitcoin as of last week . Bitcoin is also predicted by financial experts financial organizations to reach $400,000 in the near future(see bitcoin recent predictions).
Investing in assets like Cryptocurrency
Those who considered bitcoin as an asset and invested in it are now millionaires and billionaires without much struggle.
Let put on our thinking cap and do some little mathematical calculation to see if investing in cryptocurrency is worth it.
Bitcoin Price Performance.
2009: 1bitcoin =$0
2010: 1bitcoin (Increased in value) =$0.08
2011: 1bitcoin “ =$31
2012: 1bitcoin (Decreased in value) =$13
2013: 1bitcoin (Increased in value) =$600
2014: 1bitcoin “ =$750
2015: 1bitcoin (Decreased in value) =$504
2016: 1bitcoin (Increased in value) =$780
2017: 1bitcoin “ =$$7,300
2018: 1bitcoin =????
Others Cases:
Ethereum shares: Increased from $8.5 in November 2016 to $338 in November 2017 (initial investment increased by 40times)
Litecoin shares: Increased from $4 in November 2016 t0 $63 in November 2017 (investment increased by 16 times)
Neo shares: increased from trading under $0.01 in January 2017 to trading at $30 in November.
This statistics is just but a few of cryptocurrency shares. There are over 1000 cryptocurrency to invest and trade in the cryptocurrency market. To learn How to trade and invest in cryptocurrency (Join Our telegram channel to get three cryptocurrency trading manual for free )

The world of free money

Most cryptocurrency Millionaires you here today got their money free of charge through airdrops.
Airdrops is a term used in the cryptocurrency market space that allows members of a particular cryptocurrency community to get freecoins for their believe and support of the existing project. There are several project offering free coins now ,all you need to do is to have a wallet (cryptocurrency bank account) that supports coin.
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NOTE: Every emerging industries/industries have scam companies that are just after your money, you must be disciplined enough and do little research to know the good ones to invest in.
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