Cryptokitties Blockchain-Based Game is Getting a Lot Bigger
CryptoKitties, the viral blockchain-based game that sparked a global craze for collecting cartoon cats, is about to get a whole lot bigger, which could mean another pile-up for the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency.

Since the game CryptoKitties was launched in late November, Ethereum blockchain has driven people to spend more than $19 million, and so far nearly 50,000 cats have been bred or released, according to CryptoKitties Sales, a third-party data site. At one point, the game was responsible for nearly 25% of all transactions, jamming up the blockchain behind the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin.

A mobile app for CryptoKitties will be launched in the App Store in Greater China and Singapore during the Lunar New Year beginning February 16th. Benny Giang, co-founder of the game, told Quartz in an interview in Hong Kong. The application will be available worldwide a few weeks after its launch, but both versions have been finalized.

In the game, players can buy and sell digital kittens in a market, and rent them for their own cats to breed among themselves. Each cat comes with a specific set of attributes, and the rarest one is very expensive. So far, the most valuable cat in the game has changed hands for $ 110,000, according to CryptoKitties Sale.

With over 250,000 active players, CryptoKitties is currently only available through its website, and playing the game requires an Etherum wallet called MetaMask, which functions as an extension for Google’s Chrome browser.

Last week, Vancouver-based CryptoKitties developer Axiom Zen announced that it has signed an agreement with the Hong Kong entertainment company Animoca Marques to distribute the game in China. According to Giang, the CryptoKitties app will include a portfolio feature, but it will not educate users on how to change currencies into ethereum, given China’s crackdown on crypto-trading the country.

The application will be named “迷恋 猫” (mi lian mao) in Chinese, which has been roughly translated as “Cat Obsession”. The word “迷恋” is a homophone for “密 链”, which translates to “encrypted string” and means “string of blocks” in this case.
The Chinese version of the CryptoKitties app does not include information on how to change currency into Ethereum’s associated coin. It will feature a brand new cast of New Year-themed kitties. The “Fancy Cats” are also released.

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