Bitcoin Blogger Rubbed and Beaten of his Wealth.
A 24-year-old Internet blogger from St. Petersburg, Pavel Nyashin, blogged about his fortune, estimated at nearly 24 million rubles, was robbed and beaten of his wealth in his home country.

Police investigates the matter. Nyashin says he remembers the face of one of the robbers that did not wear a mask.
Nyashin, who founded “Kryptach” a Youtube channel, posted a video on social networks in which he taught people to trade bitcoins.

According to Nyashin the robbers hits him with a pistol in the eyes and tied him up. The robbers tied up a friend of his on the second floor and took refuge of the equivalent of 24 million rubles and important documents, as well as a computer used for trading bitcoin. The robbers destroyed all Nyashin’s home appliances and computers before leaving with a Mercedes.

Shortly before the attack, a foreigner contacted Nyashin who said he wants to invest in cryptocurrency and ask Nyashin to trade on his behalf. This individual could be among the robbers, Nyashin said.
It is uncertain how the Robbers learned the address at Nyashin’s house. Nyashin is not the first expert in cryptocurrency to be targeted by criminals.

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