A popular calendar app for Mac has gone missing from Apple’s App Store after it was revealed that it was mining cryptocurrency without the user’s consent.
The application is Calendar 2, a programming application that has more functions than the Calendar application that Apple combines with macOS. In recent days, the developer of Calendar 2, Qbix, endowed it with a code that mines the digital currency known as Monero.

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The xmr-stack miner isn’t supposed to run unless users specifically approve it in a dialog that says the mining will be in exchange for turning on a set of premium features. If users approve the arrangement, the miner will then run.
The problem was that even if the user was running the free version of the application, and hadn’t given said permission, the software was still mining cryptocurrency, and this happened thanks to a bug, the developer (Qbix) explained.

As stated by Apple Insider, Qbix founder Gregory Magarshak also admitted that a second bug existed which caused the mining process to consume more CPU cycles than the intended 10-20% of processor usage.
Following these discoveries, Magarshak issued a statement to remove the mining feature from the app, but Calendar 2 subsequently got yanked down from the Mac App Store (and remains unavailable at the time of writing).

Apple representatives didn’t respond to emails asking if the recently updated Calendar 2 violated App Store terms and services. Almost 24 hours after Ars alerted them to app, it remained available for download. Patrick Wardle, a researcher specializing in macOS security, has a detailed analysis of the miner.

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