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Bitzamp News Portal covers the latest Blockchain, Bitcoin AND Altcoins News. Get all the breaking cryptocurrency news

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Our Events portal was developed to help crypto-investors earn money. It's easier to predict cryptocurrency growth, when you know about coming events and upcoming milestones.

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Our online learning portal is focused in helping anyone learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrency in order to achieve their individual goals.

Token MarketPlace

a marketplace for cryptocurrency crowdfunding, categorisation will help investors to evaluate different ICOs in the same industry to find the best picks for their portfolios. This will also be beneficial to those who may be new to ICOs, lack technical knowledge yet still want to participate in ICO industry.

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Bitzamp platform merges the most popular crytocurrency services, e.g cryptocurrency news, cryptocurrency exchange, events, a marketplace for tokens, an e-learning platform, into a shared virtual space, in which cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts can meet and interact.

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